Airborne Active AAH+ Manuka Honey 70+ 500 grams

Airborne Active AAH+ Manuka Honey 70+ 500 grams
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Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand from two closely related plants, both of which are commonly referred to as manuka.

The most common honey source of these is Leptospermum scoparium. Other names for this plant include kahikatoa, red tea tree, and red manuka.

The other plant is Kunzea ericoides (reclassified from Leptospermum ericoides in 1983) and is called manuka and kanuka. Other names include white manuka, white tea tree and heath like manuka.

The Leptospermums are a genus comprising over 80 species that is widely spread throughout the South West corner of the Pacific. Hybridizing and cross breeding occurs naturally between some of the species and this is also used as a tool by plant breeders to create ornamental varieties with a high variabilityKanuka Flowers (Kunzea ericoides) commonly refered to as manuka of leaf and flower colours and petal variations.

Health Honey Benefits:

- Certified antibacterial activity

- Natural antioxidant for health ageing

- Soothes sore throats and unsettled tummies

- Antibacterial activity from mainly hydrogen peroxide

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