Airborne Active AAH+ Thyme Honey 500 grams

Airborne Active AAH+ Thyme Honey 500 grams
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Thyme Honey is produced from the herb "Common Thyme" (Thymus vulgaris) in a small area in Central Otago in New Zealand's South Island around the town of Alexandra.

The Plant

It is thought that this is the only population of Thyme growing wild outside its natural range of countries bordering the Mediterranean. Thyme was brought to the area by miners during the gold rush of the the late 1800s, who used it as a herb and medicinal plant. As the gold mining diminished, it slowly spread to become well established in the arid climate of Central Otago.

Preferring North facing slopes, (particularly the gold "tailings" from mining operations) Thyme is slowly spreading on the drier, poorer soils, but is easily controlled where adequate water and soil quality allow clovers and grasses to flourish, smothering the Thyme.

Thyme is a strongly flavoured perennial herb, growing A Honeybee foraging on Thyme for thyme honeyto a maximum of around 30cm high. The plant has a predominant scent that is characteristic of many of the Thymus genus. There are 6 or 7 known subspecies of T. vulgaris and these are characterized by their essential oil makeup. Of these, two are found in New Zealand in two separate populations, and the phenols Thymol and Carvacrol are represented differently in these two populations. It is known that there are slight differences in the smell of these plants. It is not however known if this extends to the honey produced from them - although this is likely.

Antibacterial Activity

These phenols are possibly one reason that thyme oil is known for its antibacterial activity. While some research has been done on antibacterial activity on Thyme honey, to date no significant difference to other New Zealand honeys has been shown.

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