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Airborne Honey Limited

Airborne Honey Limited commenced operations in 1910 on Banks Peninsula, lying on the east coast of the south island and was founded by William Bray and his partner, Alfred Barrett.

Barrett and Bray operated apiaries of 30-50 hives in the many bays and inlets on the peninsula and produced a number of native honeys on the rugged terrain. Their first hives were taken over to this area by bullock wagon and the two families were able to earn a comfortable living from 300 hives. Handling of the finished product was also very laborious, as this was before motor vehicles and mechanisation were readily available.

Many companies filter to remove all the pollen and microscopic particles, thus damaging the natural composition of the honey. They do this because these particles can act as a nucleation point that starts crystallisation. But this is because honeys that are fast crystallising have been used to produce a liquid honey. At Airborne we solve this problem with HPLC analysis, enabling us to select slow crystalising honeys - eliminating the need to filter the pollen out of the honey leaving it undamaged. We then use the fast crystalising honeys for creamed honey.


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